19.08.24 JOPCA Tour for JICA Training Course Participants (11.08)
19.06.19 welcome party was held for participants to the JICA Sustainable Port Development and Planning (for port Engineers) course. (7.27)
19.06.15 The 12th JOPCA Tour for the JICA Training Course Participants (7.26)
19.06.11 27th Annual General Assembly and 29th Board of Directors' Meeting of the Japan Overseas Port Cooperation Association (JOPCA) were held. (7.25)
19.02.21 Holding of the 7th "Study Meeting on Thinking about the State of Technical Cooperation" (Report) (3.08)
19.01.21 a welcome reception was held for the participants to the JICA Strategic Port Administration and Management (for port engineers) course. (2.15)
19.01.19 JOPCA Tour for Participants of JICA Training Course Tour leader's struggle and grumbling (2.04)
18.12.18 Cambodia-Japan Port Seminar 2018 (2.01)
18.10.31 Master Course Students of Vietnam Japan University visited Yokohama Port (1.31)
18.09.07 9th JOPCA Seminar / Seminar on Internationalization of Technical Standards (1.31)
18.09.03 JOPCA Tour for JICA Trainees (Improvement of Port Cargo Transport Efficiency for African Countries) (1.31)
18.10.11 OCDI-JOPCA Joint Seminar on the World Movement surrounding the port sector held (10.31)
18.06.16 Tokyo City Tour for the Trainees of the JICA Program (Port Engineers) (7.30)
18.06.15 Welcome Party for the Participants to the JICA Program on Port Development and Planning (for port engineers) (7.30)
18.06.12 28th Board of Directors Meeting and 26th Annual General Meeting (7.30)
17.08.04 Activities for the fiscal year 2017 (8.04)
17.07.18 Activities for the fiscal year 2016 (7.18)
17.05.15 Activities for the fiscal year 2015 (5.15)
16.02.03 Activities for the fiscal year 2014 (2.03)
11.12.21 Port Seminar and JICA Alumni Association in Indonesia (6.26)
11.01.28 JOPCA Held a Port Seminar and JICA Alummni Association in Manila (3.07)
10.07.07 Technical Standards for Port Facilities in Japan (7.07)
10.07.01 Ports and Harbours in Japan (7.01)