JOPCA in Brief
 Japan Overseas Ports Cooperation Association (JOPCA) is a voluntary members’ association founded in January 1993, as a non-governmental, non-profit-making organization headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
 It is a unique organization of its sort in Japan in the field of port development and marine environment, and its activities not only include undertakings complementary to ODA by the Government, but also undertakings of experimental projects which are not eligible for ODA or Government assistance.
Mission Statement
 To render technical assistance to the activities related to the sustainable development of ports and their coastal areas in mainly developing countries, by fostering cooperation among JOPCA members, thereby contributing to the promotion of friendship between developing countries and Japan.
The membership of JOPCA today
 JOPCA comprises some 45 corporate members, mostly public port authorities, municipalities and port/trade-related private companies, and more than 140 individual members, mostly specialists in the field of port, shipping, trade and marine environment.
Organogram of JOPCA

Board of Directors

Planning Committee
Benefits of JOPCA Membership
JOPCA's activities
Technical cooperation with developing ports: Assistance to the activities of voluntary JOPCA members for developing countries: Cooperation to international meeting by JOPCA members and promotion of international friendship Other projects